Spodium was born to provide beautiful classic clothes with a young and sexy approach, full of craft and unexpected details. These details come from artisan features such as hand embroidery, printed on silk, and luxury finishes. The result, reworked classics with a twist, which embodies the elegance, luxury and personal style.

Spodium is dedicated to women in their 30s and 40s with a high income. That's my woman , she likes to dress elegantly and powerfully different, but with a youthful and daring touch but not too extravagant.

The company is based in artisanal characteristics and uses luxurious materials.

The brand name comes from the Latin name of the ash, because I believe in fashion season after season foregoing burned and from these ashes come the new. 

Spodium is ready to conquer the whole world, step by step, with a business model that respects its supply chain, help local businesses and artisans, respecting the environment. 

"My collections are inspired by photography, art and architecture to draw elegant, contemporary silhouettes, sometimes classic but young, sexy and modern. Expect to find fresh vibrant decorations and patterns, all mixed in a luxury way and strong attitude"