Spodium Madrid collection Winter 1516

Spodium Aw 1516 looks at Erwin Olaf work .His suspended moment before action ,his like-retro images , his emotions as loss, loneliness, and quiet despair. He plays games with the idea of cold reality versus cruel artifice, capturing that precise moment when innocence, hope, and joy are lost.Dramatic emotions are hinted at but left ambiguous; certainly nothing in the models' surroundings suggests a cause. An atmosphere of sinister but clinical indifference attends both them and their environments, rendering them into beautiful but dislocated mannequins in catalogue-furnished interiors. All sense of belonging to a place is eliminated. Each richly colored and sleekly composed image offers a sly reinterpretation of Norman Rockwell-like iconography and characters, manifesting a nostalgia that both burlesques and celebrates America of the 1950s and 60s.

There is a bit of Mad Men, a touch of Norman Rockwell and even a little John Waters. His charged narrative scenarios - desolate women, brooding boxers - are portrayed in lush photographs. The people in his images seem to be caught while standing on an emotional precipice--stuck in the moment before they must react to a crisis.

The images are seductive and mysterious, inviting us to fill in the awkward spaces and moments of silence with our own narrative. All serve us to draw a collection plenty of isolated details. Localized hand embroideries, tucks and pleats, and separate pieces make up the base of the collection.