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The SPODIUM brand wears a feminine but it feels rebellious and sexy woman. Laws are not for her. It feels young, free, rebellious. You will find unexpected details like embroidery artisans, luxury and high quality fabrics. Structured garments, but comfortable, with patterns and textures in order to stand out: elegance, modernity and feel younger and energetic.


Femininity But Rebellion

Elegance With Attitude

Artisans Details

Youth And Modern

Structured But Comfortable Clothing

Thrilling Prints And Embroideries


The company is based in artisan features and luxe materials at a designer price point.

I name the brand as latin name for ash, because in fashion I think season after season it is burnt the previous to rebirth the new, from the ashes comes the new.

Founded by designer Roberto Guerrero who after working more than 9 years in a Spanish retail company decided to launch his own line.


Spodium is poised for conquer the entire world step by step with a business model which respects its supply chain, helps the local business and artisans and respects the environment as well.
My collections are inspired by photography, arts and architecture to draw elegant, contemporary, sometimes classic but upbeat and modern silhouettes. Expect to see vibrant embellishments and cool prints, all mixed in a way of luxury and strong attitude.
We bet on a business that respects the supply chain, retrieve the values of the Spanish craft making and is responsible for both the environment and work in the workshops.